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Many people make pledges to contribute on a monthly, quarterly, or yearly basis. Pledges allow you to consider a gift of a larger size than if you made a one-time gift, as pledges offer the flexibility to spread out the gift over a period of time. Pledges are not legally binding and can be set according to your desired schedule.

Pledges may be sent to the following address:
Mother of God Orthodox Church
904 Cherry Hill Road
Princeton, NJ 08540

Stock Gifts

Mother of God Orthodox Church welcomes gifts of securities, including publicly traded and privately held stock and mutual funds. Supporters either give us stock certificates that they have in their personal possession, or have their broker or investment manager transfer stocks to us electronically.

Gifts of appreciated securities offer a two-fold tax savings. The donor is entitled to take a charitable deduction for the full current value of appreciated securities (held longer than one year) and is also able to avoid paying any capital gains tax that would be due if the donor sold the securities.

Instructions for giving stocks and bonds electronically to Mother of God Orthodox Church

Giving securities electronically (also known as a “DTC transfer”) requires specific instructions to your broker, as well as sending us a letter stating that the securities are a gift for the church and also stating the purpose of the gift.

Instructions for mailing stocks or bonds to Mother of God Orthodox Church

Giving securities by mail requires sending three different documents: (1) the stock or bond certificate(s), (2) a letter stating that this is a gift for Mother of God Orthodox Church and also stating the purpose of the gift, and (3) an Irrevocable Stock or Bond Power form (from your broker).

Memorial Gifts

Gifts can be made to Mother of God Orthodox Church in memory or honor of a family member, priest, friend, etc. Simply include a note with your donation explaining your intent. If you wish for your gift to be in memory of a departed loved one, please inform us so that we may add him or her to our prayer list. If you wish us to contact the honoree or the relatives of the deceased, please inform the church of the address if you have it available.

Gifts from Wills and/or Estates

Gifts can be made to Mother of God Orthodox Church by stipulating your intentions in your will or estate.

Life Insurance Beneficiary Designations

Donors and supporters of Mother of God Orthodox Church are encouraged to name Mother of God as beneficiary or contingent beneficiary of their life insurance policies.

Acknowledgment of Gifts

A formal tax receipt for cash donations will be sent to each donor upon acceptance of the gift.

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